contacts1st Review: Poor Customer Service / 5 Weeks For Delivery

Rated 2 out of 5

I am extremely disappointed with my experience with Although in the past I have placed other orders, I am unlikely to ever utilize their services again and do not recommend them. Most recently, I placed an order on 6/15/17 and did not receive it until over 5 WEEKS later on 7/21/17! They did not indicate that the items were out of stock until AFTER the order was processed and first stated a 7-10 day delay followed by another 5-7 delay when in fact it took over 5 weeks! No additional updates nor tracking info was provided until week 5. If I had known this, I would have ordered through one of several other companies that had them in stock at a similar price. I emailed them 3 times and finally called them to speak with a supervisor who was defensive, seemed uncaring, and not very pleasant despite my being professional. (Initial phone rep would not even state what city he was located in when asked- ridiculous.) Only after requesting it twice via email, they were willing to reverse the $9.95 shipping charge but NOT the inflated $13.50 "handling" charge despite the poor service experience. This all surmounted to extremely poor customer service, poor problem resolution & handling, and is unacceptable. You may want to think twice before using this company.
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Las Vegas, NV