drhotdeal-com Review: I would give less then one star if I could

Rated 1 out of 5

"I ordered virtual reality glasses from them through walmart.com. The item was sent to me unboxed, wrapped in saran wrap and in a soft plastic envelope. I was going to give this item as a gift. I asked to return the item and I was told I would have to pay shipping because the item is new. (The cost of shipping would be as much as the item). I was told it doesn't matter if it was unboxed. How am I supposed to know if its new? I tried to contact walmart because of the poor customer service I received from drhotdeal.com Walmart will not help me. They said there is nothing that they can do even though this item was sold on their website. This is very poor customer service for both parties. "

Shreveport, LA

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