fye-com Review: Very Poor Customer Service

Rated 1 out of 5

I bought a CD at FYE for my son approximately December 2014. I didn't realize he already had the CD, so it was a duplicate. I gave my son the gift receipt, but he didn't return the CD. I noticed about a year later that he hadn't returned the CD, so brought it, in its original package, unopened, with the FYE sticker still on it, along with my original receipt. Now, I know it was past the regular return time frame, so I didn't expect to receive a full refund, or even a full store credit. The CD cost about $15. They offered me the rate for a used CD, about a dollar. I didn't like the offer and asked for the manager. The manager said he couldn't do any better and suggested I go to Newbury Comics. I did. I haven't gone back into FYE again. It is very poor customer service not to offer a better deal to appease a customer. For lack of an offer of a couple of dollars, FYE lost a customer for life.

Manchester, CT

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