glamchase Review: Worst company ever!

Rated 1 out of 5

I ordered a custom wedding dress and paid all the extra costs to have it custom fit. I got my dress just 4 weeks before the wedding, it wasn't the same dress! It was a cheap horrible version of the dress I ordered, they had removed the beautiful beaded straps and put ugly little spaghetti straps that were falling apart. There wasn't any beautiful beading on the back of the dress like the picture and they didn't customize the dress and it was shaped like a box, not form fitting at all. I thought since it wasn't even the same dress they would let me return it and refund my money. NO, I was told I could pay for all the materials and they would make a new dress, but they told me they couldn't afford to refund my money EVEN THOUGH THEY SENT ME THE WRONG DRESS! They are incredibly rude. Luckily I went to a dress shop near me and found a dress in time and it was a lovely experience. Dealing with glamchase has cost me so much time and I was do devistated when I got my dream dress that turned out to be a nightmare. There company needs to be shut down!!!

Seattle, WA