paintscratch Review: prices are not inexpensive, but availability of colors is excellent

Rated 5 out of 5

There have been postings regarding Ford interior touch-up paint in spray cans. I have discovered that it is next to impossible to locate a local automotive paint and body supply store that produces individual spay cans any longer (environmental liability concerns). As I recently needed some matching interior paint (dark graphite) for my 2000 F150, I did a search on the Internet. I located a reputable firm by the name of Paint Scratch which will manufacture spray cans or touch-up bottles on an individual basis. You can check out their website at You can order directly from their website, paint codes and sample colors being shown. If you don't see your color, drop them an e-mail and they will give you a prompt reply. Hope this helps anyone who might be looking for exterior/interior touch-up paint (spray or bottle). Their prices are not inexpensive, but, as noted, availability of colors is excellent and their delivery time is also excellent.

Des Moines, IA

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