zoetico Review: :( too good to be true :(

Rated 5 out of 5

I ordered the Corbu LC3 sofa in Ivory in February. After the order was processed, I was informed that an additional 10-14 weeks delivery time was required. I was disappointed not to be informed of this upfront, but okayed the purchase new "custom" order time and Zoetico charged my credit card in full. In May, I received a terse email stating the Ivory was no longer offered and "would I like it in stock white, black or tan?" Absolutely, not. I waited 3 months, out $900, for custom Ivory. After a week of emails and "checking with the warehouse," Zoetico said the Ivory was about to be discontinued and completely unavailable. Unhappily, I asked for a full refund, noting that the website still advertised Ivory. A credit email was sent shortly thereafter. But the credit did not show up on my card. Over a week later, I was forced to file a complaint with American Express. What a collosal waste of time! Extremely poor service from Zoetico- Do not order!!!

Norwalk, CT